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We opened Artie’s Kitchen in September 2015. Inspired by our love of Spain, its people, its culture and most certainly its cuisine, we wanted to capture the incredible passion, flavours, techniques and ingredients that are so synonymous with tapas from northern Spain.

Traditional, authentic tapas is the result of a true dedication to using fresh, local produce that is skillfully handled and fused together. Only then can the abundance of distinctive flavours and textures be fully showcased, appreciated and enjoyed.

The Spanish have a wonderfully saying, ‘Sharing is caring’. This sentiment can be seen, felt and tasted in the relaxed and friendly way that dishes are served in intervals, encouraging diners to rest their palate, savour the flavours and enjoy the dining experience at their own pace. We honour this approach at Artie’s Kitchen and believe it’s a big part of why people return to enjoy our food time and again.